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There is little doubt that the effects of the recent pandemic will continue to influence our manufacturing industry for some time to come. Over the last three months sectors such automotive have been hit badly, with many OEM plants all but mothballed, yet the medical sector and those producing personal protective equipment, together with the supply chain feeding into these sectors, have been working flat out to meet demand.

Moving forward, there will no doubt be some re-balancing as the once-dominant automotive sector once again resumes production. However, the types of vehicles being favored by customers, and their production volumes, may be quite different from what was the norm just a few months ago.

The anticipated growth in electromobility will certainly open up new opportunities for TLM Laser and other technology suppliers, as new manufacturing facilities are put in place to support increasing demand. Overall though, UK manufacturers should take this opportunity to look closely at their production methods and technologies to ensure that when demand increases, as it surely will, that they are able to respond in an agile manner to support their customers.
Sadly, over the years, the UK has failed to keep pace with other manufacturing economies in our uptake of robotics, automation, and other advanced manufacturing technologies.

The traditional British adage of “Make do and Mend”, which may have served us well in the past, will not be enough if the UK is to recover from the current crisis and drive forward in the brave new world that will be upon us in 2021.
As a business TLM Laser will remain a dynamic and pro-active partner to the UK’s manufacturing sectors and we look forward to playing our part in enhancing productivity, quality, and profitability for our customers.

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