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TLM Laser are a Made in the Midlands Silver Member

TLM Laser; Experts in the World of Industrial Lasers

TLM Laser Ltd are a service lead company providing laser systems for marking, cutting and welding, laser safety eyewear, service and spare parts. 

We carry a wide range of laser spare parts including electrical spares, optics, lamps, boards, extraction, water fittings, safety spares and tooling.

TLM have a second to none service and maintenance program which we can implement to best suit our growing customer demands.

TLM offers a complete range of laser products from some of the leading names in laser technology. Alltec, Foba, Innolas, Univet, Bofa, ALPHA LASER, Evosys, BODOR, Universal, 4Jet, LasX and Swisstec Micromachining are names immediately recognised globally within the laser industry for the highest of quality and outstanding customer service.

We support all of our products with experienced and highly trained engineers to ensure your equipment generates the maximum in productivity. Through our long-term experience and cutting edge expertise, we are able to understand our customers’ needs and tailor our services to meet them.

Whether your enquiry is for service, preventative maintenance contracts, safety, spare parts, fume extraction, chillers, training, consultancy and sub-contract laser marking, you have made a first class choice with TLM-Laser. Please get in touch at +44 (0) 1527 959 099, [email protected] or fill out the contract form below.


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Services TLM Laser Provide


Laser Machines and Systems

We have a wide range of laser machines and systems for marking, engraving, fume extraction, wafer marking, welding, sorting and cutting.

Applications ("What Can Lasers Do?")

We all know from watching Bond films that they can cut; they can also engrave, mark, weld, harden and 3D print metals. They can also be used to weld and cut plastics and cut and engrave organic materials such as wood, leather, rubber and cardboard.

Laser Materials

Lasers are used for cutting, welding, marking and engraving a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, glass, wood and other organic materials.

Laser Services

TLM Laser provide a full range of laser services, providing Technical Support, Laser Maintenance, Training and Laser Marking Service. We are committed to providing a consistant and high level of backup and technical services to our customers.

Laser Spares

We carry a wide range of laser spare parts including electrical spares, optics, lamps, boards, extraction, water fittings, safety spares and tooling, some of which are listed below.

Laser Safety

Laser safety is about the safe design, use and implementation of lasers to minimise the risk of laser accidents, especially eye injuries. Even relatively small amounts of laser light can lead to permanent eye damage.

Dot Marking

Richter offers a comprehensive portfolio of marking, scribing and engraving machines. The machines come in a range of affordable, flexible and easy to use systems, with additional accessories to help fit with your requirements.

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  • July 2017
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  • 2006
  • £3,000,000

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TLM Laser Ltd Global HQ, Navigation Court Harris Business Park, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcester, B60 4FD
Tel: +44 (0) 1527 959 099

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